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Printed Posters

These posters have been printed at A3 and A2 sizes and are available from Essex Hall, please see: for details.

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Editable Posters

Below are a number of poster that can be edited if you have Microsoft Word on your computer. Just click on the image to download the file. Every aspect of the poster can be altered to your requirements. For example you can change the web address, change or delete the chalice, change the strapline and main wording etc. The main image is defined as a watermark, if you find the image is too strong and you cannot read the poster text, it can be faded by clicking on the 'washout' option. To understand how this works, type in watermark in the help facility in Word. Note that while you are editing the poster, you need to use the Print Preview option to see the full strength of the image, the rest of the time it will appear to be washed out, but this is not what it will look like when printed.

Please remember that the dark images will use a vast amount of ink in a home printer, it might be considerably cheaper to take it to a high-street printers. You will also find that commercially printed poster do not fade as much ones produced on an ink-jet.
If you have any problems or have other images they you think might work as posters, please contact

Please note that none of the images are acknowledged, that proved difficult to do with word. The majority are ones I have taken, but if it is one you have taken and you wish it to be removed, please contact me.

The chalices in the footers and headers can be changed. Please go to chalices.php to see the ones that can be downloaded.

James Barry