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Making Unitarian Banners

It is suggested that banners should conform to the measurements detailed below, but let your creative talents run wild to produce a colourful banner that typifies your group.

So how do you make a banner? Start with a piece of material that is 3 yards long and 32 inches wide (we know that this is not a standard fabric width). Fold the material in half so that each half is 54" by 32". Stitch the material 3" below the top edge, leaving a 2" opening in the centre of the seam for inserting a pole. The stitching forms a casing in which a dowel can be inserted. The banner will be open on 3 sides.

Put your design on both sides of the banner. The banner message will be seen on both front and back and will actually be 2 banners carried on 1 pole.

The pole should be 2m (6' 6") long by 2.3 cm (14/16") with a break in the middle to enable easier carriage. The break is supported when joined by a copper sleeve 14 cm (5.5") long, the pole halves indented by the thickness of the tubing. One end has a rubber ferrule, the other an inset threaded bolt 0.6 cm (3/16") diameter and about 2.5 cm (I") protruding from the end. The cross- pole is 82 cm (32") long and 1.5 cm (9/16") thick with a threaded hole to match the bolt halfway along the length.

Click to download a pdf on banner making.